We offer the most impeccable exit and emergency lighting solutions protecting and guiding the individual around the complex in the event of a fire alarm. These are a form that direct everyone even during power failures and fire incidents, as it retains power and acts as a lifesaver. The main role of these lighting is to safeguard the building during emergencies with proper lighting and instructions. A safe and secure provision to direct the occupants of the building.


Central Battery System

Self Contained System

Self Contained System


Central Monitoring System

Major Components

We work with leading brands in the UAE and are capable to provide you with a choice of variety exit and emergency lights to suit your project architecture requirements.

Our Services

We conduct regular training for our team to keep them update on the latest developments ,product updates and change in regulations and thus help our customers in successful realization of their projects.

Installation of emergency exit lighting requires professional assistance and our team is well prepared to assist you with the right solution.

Our professional maintenance team is adept in troubleshooting and maintenance of any leading brands in the Emergency lighting system, giving the customer total peace of mind in managing his property.

It is important to carry our periodic functionality test to ensure the proper working of the emergency and exit light network to keep the building and occupants safe.